Located in Randalstown, John McNeilly’s 340-acre family run farm is a busy farm, milking 180-200 cows. Previously John used hydrated lime but found it very hard to use. John now uses MasterCAL every day and finds it is much more user friendly - easier on the eyes and not as fumy or dusty as other products in the market. It’s higher absorbancy and increased protection against bacterial infection makes MasterCAL the obvious choice for livestock cubicles. John would highly recommend MasterCAL to all dairy farmers.


You can download the full MasterCAL Hydrated Bedding Lime (John McNeilly's Farm) case study for more detail.

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“We now use MasterCAL every day, it’s easier on the eyes and wouldn’t be as fumy or dusty as a lot of other products.”
John McNeilly, Farmer

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