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Limestone Solutions for Construction Services

Kilwaughter Lime offers a wide-range of grits, chips, sands and powders which can be used as fillers, binders, coverings and whiteners in various different construction applications - all produced using our unique North Antrim White Limestone. We offer any size from 30µm all the way up to 20mm.

Construction solutions currently benefiting from our lime products include road surfacing, render production, cement binding and flooring. If you have a project you think would benefit from the addition of our highly versatile product range, please let us know. We would be delighted to work with you. We also offer Calcite, milled to a variety of grades.


Alternatively, you can sign-up for our Online Bulk Limestone Ordering Tool, which will alert you when material becomes available. Once an account has been set up and confirmed, you can place your bulk delivery (or collection) orders without even having to speak to anyone!

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