Limestone for Animal Feed

Limestone is often used in compound or premixed animal feed as it provides the necessary calcium contribution for a healthy livestock diet. Calcium deficiency can cause limitations in growth, reduced milk yield, poor bone structure and, during calving season, milk fever, the most common metabolic disease affecting dairy cattle.

Calcium carbonate limestone can also aid in the strengthening of egg shells, so is often added to poultry feed, and is of benefit to all livestock groups, including pigs, sheep and horses.

FEMAS Approved Products

All of our limestone for animal feed is FEMAS approved, and is available in bags of 25kg, 40kg and 1 tonne - or can be delivered via bulk tipper or tanker on request. We offer whiting powder, granular material (sand at various grades) and coarser grits and chips.

Let us know your sizing and volume requirement, and we’ll be glad to contact you with a price.

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