Limestone Granular Sand

Our calcium carbonate material is available for a wide range of industrial and construction applications. The category of limestone sand is coarser than our Limestone Powder specifications. There are 3 grades of sand available, with each providing a different user experience and unique set of specifications. For example, our grade 1 material is the coarsest variety and is typically used as a building sand within construction. Grade 3 is finer (but still coarser than powder), and is often used in the manufacture of blocks. All of our sands are available in bulk, IBC (typically 1 tonne) and 25kg bags.

Different grades of sands can be mixed together, bringing combined benefits to your application. And we can also mill and screen the sand as per your own required specifications. Please contact us to discuss this with our technical team as a separate project.

Finer material is categorised as Limestone Powder, and coarser material categorised as Grits and Chips.

Additional Product Information

Technical Data
Limestone Sand - Grade 1

Typical Grading

2.36 mm

0 %

1.18 mm


600 μm

20 to 55%

150 μm

30 to 65%

75 μm

1 to 10%


0 to 8%

Limestone Sand - Grade 2

Typical Grading

1.00 mm


75 μm


Limestone Sand - Grade 3

Typical Grading

2.00 mm

99% %

63 μm

15% %

Technical Data Sheets
Limestone Sand - Grade 1Download PDF
Limestone Sand - Grade 2Download PDF
Limestone Sand - Grade 3Download PDF

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