Why Kilwaughter Lime?

Kilwaughter Lime delivers products into agricultural, industrial and construction sectors. Our granulated lime material is the finest, most effective agricultural lime on the market and is used to raise pH on farmland and in gardens as well as addressing any calcium imbalance in the soil. Our bedding lime is the perfect blend of calcium carbonate and calcium hydroxide, ensuring a safe and healthy environment for sheep and cattle.

We also provide raw lime material, in the form of powders, sands, grits and chips, into industrial and construction sectors as binding agents, fillers and whiteners for a wide range of applications.

How we can support you

Our team boasts a wealth of industry knowledge and many years of experience in successfully researching, selling and marketing into each of the sectors we operate. We are always open to exploring new and exciting opportunities, so please don’t hesitate to contact us with your projects or ideas and we’ll endeavour to find ways to support you.

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