Your health is your wealth, and the same is true with your soil. Whether growing cereals or making silage it’s important to maximise the potential of your soil, and one of the most overlooked areas is soil pH. A sub-optimal pH will result in key nutrients from fertiliser never making it to the crop, even at pH of 6.0! An annual lime programme is essential to maintain your pH at the required level, and with G-Lime requiring as little as 80 kg/ac (depending on your soil), you could be saving a lot of money!


Animal health is an essential consideration on any farm, yet when it comes to disease control, farmers often forego animal comfort for the sake of financial protection. With MasterCAL’s uniquely blended formula you can have the best of both worlds - protecting your livestock from the dangers of mastitis while still ensuring a comfortable user-experience for farmer and beast alike. And with CubiCAL, our ultra-absorbent natural bedding solution, you can cut down on the time spent maintaining the stalls and let our lime do the work for you.


We work with some of the largest livestock feed and animal nutrition industries in Ireland, ensuring a steady supply of essential lime-based, calcium-rich material, delivered directly to site. Our lime material, cut to various different grades and (available on request), complies with all necessary criteria of the Feed Materials Assurance Scheme (FEMAS), ensuring it can be confidently used as a key link in the chain for the supply of safe food. If you think we can supply you business in this way, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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