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CubiCAL - Calcium Lime Bedding

CubiCAL is a cost effective, absorbent and 100% natural lime bedding. Benefits include:

  • Clean and dry bedding solution
  • Reduced risk of bacterial infection
  • Less stall maintenance required
  • Alternative to organic material
  • Fast and effective absorption
  • Gentle on all sensitive areas

For more information you can contact us or view our CubiCAL brochure HERE.

  • Protect Your Animal & Your Livelihood at Little Cost

    CubiCAL natural lime bedding is the perfect alternative to expensive, high-risk and labour- intensive organic bedding solutions. It helps keep livestock clean, dry and protected against unwanted infections.

    Use of CubiCAL can significantly reduce both bedding rate and labour costs. It also brightens up the stalls and reduces odour, while being completely harmless to all sensitive areas of the livestock.

  • Reduce the Risk of Bacterial Infection

    Many organic materials, traditionally used in cattle bedding, are a hotbed for disease. The organic matter feeds unwanted bacteria, increasing the risk of mastitis and high SCC.

    Regular and exclusive application of cubicle lime signficantly reduces the risks posed by organic bedding material.

  • Gentle on Hands, Easy on the Eye

    Unlike other lime bedding products, CubiCAL is uniquely designed to be gentle on your hands and comfortable on the teat. Comprising the acclaimed North Antrim white limestone, it also creates a beautiful, clean working environment for both you and your livestock to enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of using CubiCAL instead of Sawdust?

‚Äč - More cost-effective

- Faster absorption

- Increased dryness

- Unlimited availability

- Enhanced cleanliness

- Reduced bacterial risk

Can I use CubiCAL in conjunction with my existing bedding solution?

Yes, as well as being a ready-made replacement for organic bedding materials, CubiCAL can also be used in conjunction with your existing bedding solution.