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At Kilwaughter Lime we are always seeking opportunities to pass on knowledge of our products.


With our in-house experts in Agronomy and Animal Health, we are always seeking opportunities to pass on knowledge of our products and the role they can play on the farm.


Backed by an extensive sustainability policy, Kilwaughter Lime is committed to delivering products that reduce the negative impact of farming activities on the surrounding environment, from water run-off through to emission from your soil, our products deliver key environmental benefits, as well as reducing costs and increasing yields. Our experts can walk you through the benefits on-site or via online presentations.


It is widely-known that soils in UK and Ireland are often not at the required level for good nutrient management and crop development, resulting in extreme and often unnecessary fertiliser application - further damaging the environmental impact and degrading the soil. With appropriate lime treatment and the right nutrient management plan, your soil can begin to recover and start delivering optimum yields year after year. We can deliver tailored presentations to your farmers and customers, focusing on the specific impact on their crop and using their own soil tests to develop a 5 year lime, fertiliser and nutrient plan for their farm.


The threat of mastitis is never far from the mind of a dairy farmer, with an outbreak bringing negative impacts on yield, health and profits. We also understand how many other bacterial and yeast infections can lead to further and even more serious problems in all livestock. We see it as our mission to educate farmers, merchants and key influencers within the industry on how it is possible to manage these concerns, but in a way that is neither harmful to the animal or unpleasant for the user.


If you would like us to create a tailored training package for your merchants, staff, farmers, students or any other group of individuals of influence within the industry, please let us know your specific requirements. We can do training on-site at your location, education facility, on-farm with one of your end users, or at our own premises in Larne (Antrim), Cork (Ireland) or St. Helens (Merseyside) - with refreshments provided!

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