MasterCAL is a user-friendly hydrated bedding lime that is gentler on the teat. Our new strength formula is now even tougher on bacteria whilst still remaining gentle on skin. It is formulated to give high level of bacteria control whilst minimising the risk of inflammation or burns that may be a problem with other treatments.The blend of high purity limestone and hydrated lime will aid the prevention of environmental mastitis by rapidly raising the pH level in the stall up to 12.4 (depending of dilution factor).

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Features & Benefits

MasterCAL Hydrated Bedding Lime provides a variety of benefits.

MasterCAL aids in the reduction of disease and infection, including environmental mastitis.


MasterCAL offers higher absorbency, increased protection against bacterial infection and positive impact on pH value.


MasterCAL inhibits the pathogenic bacteria present in livestock cubicles, whilst also remaining gentler on the teat.


MasterCAL is friendly to the user, meaning it will be much less likely to cause coughing, choking or skin irritation.

Product Specification

Technical Data
Purity (Typical Values) | Calcium Carbonate

80% to 85%

Purity (Typical Values) | Calcium Hydrate

Approx. 15%

Purity (Typical Values) | Moisture Content

Less than 0.5% moisture by weight

Physical Analysis | Bulk Density

Approx. 0.9 to 1.1 tonnes/m3

Properties | Appearance

White powder

Properties | pH (aqueous solution)

pH > 11

Product Downloads
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Already using Lime?

A blend of Cubicle Lime and Hydrated Lime is the recommended solution to aid in both the reduction of environmental mastitis and the lowering of the somatic cell count in your milk. MasterCAL is the stand-alone ready-blended solution that uniquely balances the bacteria-fighting properties of Hydrated Lime with the usability and comfort of regular Cubicle Lime.

Benefits include:

  • Aids in reduction of disease & infection
  • Reduces the risk of burns to livestock
  • Helps prevent mastitis & reduce SCC
  • Highly absorbent
  • Labour saving (less stall maintenance)
  • Easy on hands, gentle on the teat
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"We now use MasterCAL every day, it’s easier on the eyes and wouldn’t be as fumy or dusty as a lot of other products."
- John McNeilly, Farmer

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MasterCAL Hydrated Bedding Lime

John now uses MasterCAL every day and finds it is much more user friendly.

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