Located in Trillick, the Kelly’s run a suckler herd of cows and farm about 15 hectares of ground. The ground can be quite wet at times and challenging to farm. Clare and Gabriel wanted to make the farm more environmentally and economically sustainable. They were spending a lot of money on fertiliser, so had to look at other options. They carried out extensive soil sampling on the farm and discovered the pH was quite low to be getting the maximum return from their fertiliser. They decided that to make the farm more economically sustainable by saving money, more productive and to reduce their carbon footprint, they had to improve the pH and improve it fast! Clare and Gabriel believe that using G-Lime has improved their soil health, which allowed for maximum uptake of the fertiliser. G-Lime helped the grazing ground, which received no fertiliser, to perform extremely well. The reduction in fertiliser, thanks to the use of G-Lime, helped reduce their carbon footprint. This means the farm is now more environmentally sustainable and also more financially sustainable as they can now keep the same amount of stock for a lot less cost.


You can download the full G-Lime Granulated Lime Kelly's Farm case study for more detail.

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“We would recommend using G-Lime to any farmer on any type of farm.”
Clare and Gabriel Kelly, Farmers

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