13 February 2024

NEW MasterCAL Hydrated Bedding Lime

Our new MasterCAL Hydrated Bedding Lime is even tougher on bacteria whilst still remaining gentle on the skin.

As the days shorten and temperatures drop, dairy farmers across Ireland are now looking to prepare their stalls to welcome in the cattle after the warmer summer months. And with the comfort and welfare of the animals at the forefront of any farmer’s mind, it’s important to find the right bedding solution to see you through the harsh winter season.

With the price of milk so low, it’s also vital to ensure maximum protection for livestock against any bacterial or yeast-based infections that could cause mastitis and drive the somatic cell count to extreme levels.

Sadly, traditional bedding methods do little to alleviate these concerns, introducing disease-carrying pathogens and containing no antibacterial properties capable of eliminating the dangers that are found in all ‘living’ materials, such as straw and sawdust.

With MasterCAL hydrated lime, however, you can rest assured that your animals will be as well protected as possible with our lab-certified bactericidal and yeasticidal properties, ensuring minimal risk from the four primary bacterial causes of mastitis observed on Irish farms. Exceeding the veterinary requirements in every case, MasterCAL uniquely raises the pH of the cubicle to extreme levels, killing all necessary bacteria, before dropping back down to a level that is safe and comfortable for the animals to lie on.

And with our new strength formula now eradicating yeast for the first time, MasterCAL is the perfect complement to your existing solution. With its high absorbency, you’ll require much less stall maintenance, fewer loads of traditional materials and will gain the confidence of a hydrated bedding material that is tougher than ever on dangerous infections.

Unlike other hydrated bedding limes, which can cause burning, coughing and irritation, MasterCAL hydrated lime is easy on the skin, gentle on the teat and can be handled comfortably without gloves. It won’t cause discomfort to your livestock, through choking or burning, and will be much easier to handle within the environment of your shed. All whilst not compromising at all on either strength or quality.

The annual financial impact from bacterial infections on a typical Irish farm is over £10,000. More than 15% of Irish dairy culls are a result of mastitis. As a dairy farmer, concerned about both the welfare of your livestock and the profitability of your farm, is that a risk you’re prepared to take?

Contact us today to find your local merchant, and make sure you’re stocking up on MasterCAL hydrated lime in good time, in full confidence that you’re using the best biocidal bedding solution that promises to be Tough on bacteria, while remaining gentle on the teat.


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