26 September 2023

It’s Never Too Late For G-Lime

Find out all you need to know on the fastest, most-effective Agricultural Lime on the market, G-Lime.

No one ever said that farming was easy. The ‘to do’ list is never ending as tasks are added to it by the minute. Many tasks on that ‘to do’ list get pushed to the bottom of the list because it’s easy to prioritise the short-term gains over the long-term ones. Traditionally, liming is one of those items that seem to get pushed to the bottom.

Farmers know that lime is necessary for productive crops, with the practice of liming soils making for higher quality crops with lower fertiliser requirements and less weed pressure.

Farmers also know that liming soils ultimately results in more money available to them for other tasks. However, despite this knowledge of benefits, the hassle of organising a contractor to get the lime on the ground when the grass cover is low and the weather is dry, is difficult to do at best. Often the time frames are narrow and often missed; resulting in liming being put off until the following year.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, application of a Granulated Lime – such as G-Lime – is something you should consider. One of the benefits of G-Lime compared with conventional lime is the ability to apply the product at any time of year. Conveniently G-Lime can be applied to bare soil, stubble ground or growing crops. G-Lime can be easily stored on the farm and applied with a farmer’s own conventional fertiliser spreading equipment. As a result there is no limitation or restriction to spreading lime nor is there a need to rely on contractor availability.

So go ahead and get that first cut of silage off. Apply slurry and fertiliser to silage land after harvest as normal. Then, in two to three weeks’ time, there is a great opportunity to spread G-Lime to correct pH levels. As G-Lime begins to work immediately and has a full reaction in four to six weeks, the G-Lime will still have the opportunity to benefit second cut silage.

Use of G-Lime provides the ability to target specific pH on a field by field basis. As little as 50kg/ac is all that is required to lift soil pH by 0.1, meaning it is easy for farmers to look at their soil test results field by field and apply just enough G-Lime to reach the target pH.

This is especially helpful for problem areas within fields. Areas that need a higher rate can be corrected without having to over-lime some areas of the field, which ultimately wastes product, not to mention the possibility of causing nutrient deficiency issues from raising the pH too high.

The use of G-Lime can result in less damage to the soil by compaction when compared to lime applications using heavier conventional liming equipment. Also, due to G-Lime being highly reactive, superfine particles of lime are bound in a pellet, meaning G-Lime lands on target, instead of having the most reactive part of the lime drift away over the hedges.

G-Lime granulated lime – is a unique, fast acting soil conditioner, specially formulated to help manage soil pH, improving soil fertility whilst optimising crop and grass performance. G-Lime will help to neutralise acidic soils and replenish the nutrients that get locked into the soil under acidic conditions. It can be spread using a conventional fertiliser spreader and will react quickly in the soil. This results in increased nutrient uptake, leading to improved fertiliser use efficiency and healthier soils, thereby allowing for higher yields and crop quality.

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