Supporting Agri Stores & Merchants

With our own dedicated marketing department and on-the-road sales team, Kilwaughter Lime offers a wide range of support to local stores and merchants in the agriculture sector. And with our wide range of products and dedicated research and development team, we’ll work with your business to best understand what your customers are looking for.

Local business is at the heart of what we do, so when you stock Kilwaughter Lime products, we’ll support you in ensuring that farmers in your area know exactly where they can go to get the best tools and material to meet their needs. Co-branding on social media and our engaging signage will guarantee your message gets seen, no matter where your customers are.

Some of what we offer:

  • Social media engagement
  • Counter-top signage
  • Tours of our facility
  • On-site talks and training
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Our Merchant Support with Thompsons

Mr Raymond Bready of Thompsons Feeding Innovation who covers Co. Down territory, shares his experience with a farmer and G-Lime.

Raymond was there from the beginning when Thompsons decided to stock G-Lime. His experience with Tom gave Raymond the confidence to sell this product from day one knowing it made a true difference - a true testament to the fact that 'it's never too late for G-lime'.

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