Limestone Material - Customer Projects

At Kilwaughter Lime, we understand it’s the small margins that make the difference between success and failure. Whatever your project, or whatever size the limestone contribution is, we strive to deliver the best possible product into your project in the most reliable, consistent and timely manner.

Not sure exactly what you need? Why not come and sit down with our concrete specialists, our FEMAS representatives or our mill managers to learn how our internal processes and plant flexibility could transform your project into a winning product and propel your business forward.

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trusted for over 80 years

With over 80 years in the limestone business, we’ve seen our lime deployed in a huge range of sectors, and are confident that we still haven’t exhausted all of its potential uses! Whatever your need, we’re confident we can meet it and are excited to hear from you.

Some of our current lime uses:

  • Water treatment
  • Air pollution
  • Animal feed
  • Concrete binder
  • Asphalt filler
  • Carpet padder
  • Paint whitener
  • Slabs and paving
  • Landscaping

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