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​“The grass quickly responds to the G-Lime as it breaks down almost instantly. G-Lime is also easy to spread as it’s granular and we can apply it ourselves. We plan to apply it to our arable fields.”
Farmer: John Singer, Aberdeenshire

“I used MasterCAL over a few weeks & found it to be a good product that killed bacteria & was efficient to use.”
Farmer: John Blair, Co. Antrim

“I have used the MasterCAL bedding product and found it to be cost effective, easy to store and handle, ideal for the slurry system and have seen that it helps stop hock rubbing as well as killing mastitis.”
Farmer: Robert McDowell, Co. Antrim

“CubiCAL is a great product for reducing bacteria growth and keeping my livestock clean and dry. It is a versatile product than can be used for dairy and beef livestock bedding making it cost effective.”
Farmer: Sam Tinsley, Northern Ireland

“I use G-Lime because the product is easily distributed using a conventional fertiliser spreader it can be used at any time of the year on bare ground or on growing crops. The product reacts immediately in the soil improving fertiliser performance. G-Lime helps me to manage my solid pH, improving soil fertility and application rates are lower than conventional ag lime saving time and money.
Farmer: John Dynes, Northern Ireland