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The Minerals product range provides an extensive selection of materials for use in Industry and Building.

Packaging & delivery

All products are available delivered or via ex-works collection in: 25kg sack, 40kg sack, 1 tonne sack, bulk tipper (28 tonne load), bulk tanker (28 tonne load).

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Kilwaughter Lime, lime used in asphalt and industry
  • Kilwaughter Lime - KF Filler

    KF Filler

    A range of fine industrial fillers for specialist applications with controlled particle size distribution.

  • Kilwaughter Lime - Fine Whiting

    Fine Whiting

    Commonly used as a filler for the manufacture of many products.

  • Kilwaughter Lime - Asphalt Filler

    Asphalt Filler

    Asphalt Filler is used as a filling material in the manufacture of road asphalt filler.

  • Kilwaughter Lime - Calcite Industrial Filler

    Calcite Industrial Filler

    Calcite Industrial Filler is a specialist material used in the manufacture of lino flooring.