13 February 2024

There’s Still Time for G-Lime

G-Lime granulated lime is a unique, fast acting soil conditioner, specially formulated to help manage soil pH, improving soil fertility whilst optimising crop and grass performance.

Having experienced one of the ten wettest Marches on record across the UK and Ireland, field activity has been understandably limited as much of the wet weather has carried on into April. This has had an impact on farmers who are attempting to address low pH fields by way of lime application to ensure they maximise the value and efficacy of nutrients being applied to the soil.

Given the poor field conditions, application of lime has been necessarily delayed and many farmers will be faced with a decision of whether it is still worth applying lime as the days continue to pass and the efficacy of conventional lime dwindles - given the slower reaction rate of the material.

However, despite falling fertiliser prices, lime continues to be foundational to providing healthy and productive soils, able to release nutrients to meet the demands of the growing crop. With the recent emphasis being placed on soil pH through soil analysis, it is clear that the UK and Ireland continue to be plagued by soil pHs below optimal levels, and therefore farmers should work towards ensuring that lime application is not overlooked this spring.

Granulated lime can play a key role for farmers who intended conventional agricultural lime applications, but have been unable to apply it due to unfavourable field conditions. One of the significant benefits of granulated lime is that it begins to work immediately with adequate rainfall upon application to the soil, and provides a full reaction within 6-weeks of application; which means that you can still get the benefit of releasing applied nutrients to the growing crop by applying lime this season.

The ability to apply granulated lime with your own tractor and fertiliser sower, in bout widths up to 36.0m, means that you can reduce the risk of compaction associated with heavier custom-lime-application equipment, and work on a field-by-field basis as the soil conditions improve.

Conveniently, granulated lime can be applied to bare soil, stubble ground or growing crops. It is easily stored on farm, so there is no limitation or restriction to spreading lime, nor is there a need to rely on contractor availability.

Use of granulated lime also provides the ability to target specific pH on a per-field basis. As little as 50kg/ac is all that is required to lift soil pH by 0.1, meaning it is easy for farmers to look at their soil test results for each individual field and apply just enough G-Lime to reach the target pH. This is especially helpful for problem areas within fields. These areas, which need a higher rate, can be corrected without having to over-lime other regions.

G-Lime granulated lime is a unique, fast acting soil conditioner, specially formulated to help manage soil pH, improving soil fertility whilst optimising crop and grass performance. G-Lime will help to neutralise acidic soils and replenish the nutrients that get locked into the soil under acidic conditions. It can be spread using a conventional fertiliser spreader and will react quickly in the soil. This results in increased nutrient uptake, leading to improved fertiliser use efficiency and healthier soils, thereby allowing for higher yields and crop quality.

Available in 600kg top-lift bags across the UK and Ireland, contact us on 02828 262132 (UK) or 021 466 6400 (ROI) to find your nearest stockist or visit us at www.kilwaughterlime.com to learn more.

With the weather conditions looking to improve over the next few weeks, make sure you don’t miss out on the benefits of applied lime.

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