13 February 2024

Reseeding Webinar - Watch On Demand

Kilwaughter Lime and John Thompson & Sons team up to deliver industry webinar on reseeding.

A webinar, hosted by Kilwaughter Lime and John Thompson & Sons digs up the detail on the benefits of re-seeding or rejuvenating grass swards including the importance of soil PH when reseeding and nutrition advice on the macro and micro nutrients critical to reseeding.

The Reseeding – can you afford not to webinar which took place on Thursday 21st July, was chaired by Richard Moore, Thompsons’ Ruminant Specialist. With nearly 20 years experience in the industry, Richard, a member of Thompson’s technical team, has a breadth of knowledge to bring to the agri-discussion and opened the event offering an introduction to the topic of reseeding and welcoming the guest speakers while wrapping the event up with a summary and Q & A.

The first speaker was Kevin Havekes, qualified Agronomist and Limestone Sales Manager for Kilwaughter Lime. Kevin shared his expertise in the importance of soil health, the implications of soil acidity and the role granulated lime can play in neutralising the soil and unlocking nutrients.

Following Kevin, Tony Mc Ivor, Sales Manager for Goulding Fertilisers NI who holds a Masters degree in agricultural science and has worked in the industry for 25 years, provided insight into the benefits of reseeding, method of establishment, soil testing and nutrition for reseeds.

The final speaker was David Linton, UK Regional Manager for Barenbrug. With almost 26 years’ experience in the seed sector David combines a National Diploma in Agri Food science with experience gained on his own farm in Northern Ireland. David provided practical and technical knowledge on all things reseeding including the various grass types and where they should be used including new grass varieties available.

Kevin Havekes from Kilwaughter Lime said of the webinar “The Webinar exceeded our hopes and expectations, with fantastic engagement from our audience and offered practical advice and a comprehensive view of key topics farmers need to be aware of when considering reseeding of their grass swards.”

Richard Moore from John Thompson and Son added, “Grassland is the mainstay feed for ruminant livestock in Ireland. Ensuring we continue to produce high volumes of high quality grass, for either grazing or ensiling, is at the foundation of profitability from ruminant enterprises as well as a key driver in reducing their environmental footprint. Successful regular Reseeding of grassland goes to the core of achieving both higher yields and increased quality of our swards. The aim of the webinar was to provide sound practical advice to farmers on the subject of reseeding and this was very much achieved from all of our speakers”.

Watch the webinar on demand