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Enhanced P, K and pH Analysis

At Kilwaughter Lime, we are committed to delivering the greatest possible support for farmers and their soil. With intense scrutiny via Government legislation and financial pressure from rising prices, we understand your desire to get the most of your land. And as manufacturers of G-Lime, the market’s fastest, most-effective agricultural lime, we want everyone to have access to the best soil analysis tools available so that they can make more informed decision on what should go into it.

As such, our analysis package includes more than simply a standard pH test. With a soil testing kit from Kilwaughter Lime, you can expect to receive detailed results for Phosphorus, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Sulphur and Sodium, allowing you plan exactly what should go into your soil to give the crop the optimum conditions for growth.

We also use the Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) of your sample to analyse the specific type of soil, providing further understanding of how any applied lime will take effect over the coming weeks, months and years, putting you in full control of your soil’s health.

Order Your Soil Testing Pack

Each soil testing pack from Kilwaughter Lime contains 3 sample bags (for 3 individual paddocks / fields up to 10 acres per sample), a postage-paid envelope and full instructions for sampling.

No additional costs will be incurred apart from those listed below (payable on form completion). Please note, packs containing more than three samples will be rejected.

The pack will include P, K, Mg and pH analysis, as well as Ca, S, Na and CEC. A personalised report will be provided, detailing your recommended lime and fertiliser programme for the next 5 years.


Order Your Soil Testing Pack

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