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Recovery Lime

Recovery Lime is a new product from Kilwaughter Lime, developed specifically to help farmers tackle the problem of very low soil pH which can have a significant effect on crop yields.

Recovery Lime is designed for fields with pH levels below 5.7 which are difficult to correct with a single dressing of lime. It has a range of particle sizes ideally suited to bringing soils back to manageable levels. Recovery Lime is manufactured and stored in controlled conditions ensuring less than 0.25% moisture in the product meaning a farmer is getting a nearly 100% active product and maximising value for their money. The recommended application of Recovery Lime is from a spreader with a boom which will give an even distribution across the soil.


- Neutralising value 54% calculated as CaO

- Total neutralising value 97% calculated as CaCO3

- Calcium (Ca) equivalent 38%


“I have worked with Kilwaughter Lime for many years, they have always provided high quality products, Recovery Lime is no different. It is a very consistent and dry product, and ideal for correcting very low soil pH. The combination of Kilwaughter’s Recovery Lime and my spreading kit, which is equipped with a boom auger, puts high quality lime directly and accurately on the soil, ensuring farmers get value for their investment.”

Specialist Lime Contractor: Robert McNabney, Co. Antrim

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Recovery Lime?

​Recovery Lime is a soil conditioner, specifically developed for fields with very low soil pH.

Why should I use Recovery Lime?

​Recovery Lime should be used in situations where soil pH is below 5.7 and in fields where it would be otherwise difficult to manage with other liming materials.

Are there any other benefits?

​Yes, not only will you be able to easily manage soil pH in subsequent years after application of Recovery Lime, it will also increase levels of calcium in the soil, which in many fields in Northern Ireland is below optimal levels.

When is the best time to apply Recovery Lime?

​Recovery Lime is best worked into fields prior to sowing new arable or grass crops.

What is the recommended rate of Recovery Lime?

​In most situations, 1.5T/ac will be enough to raise the soil pH to a level which can be managed with other liming materials such as G-Lime in subsequent years. It is highly recommended to have soil analysis of your fields before applying lime or nutrients, and to consult with a FACTS qualified advisor to get information specific to your situation.

How quickly will Recovery Lime work?

​Due to the specific range of particle sizes in Recovery Lime, the product will have short, medium and long term activity, with the majority of product giving a full reaction within one year of application, yet still leave a portion for long term benefit.

If I don't use Recovery Lime, will I suffer financially?

​Recent research conducted by AFBI shows that over 43% of farms in Northern Ireland suffer from fields with less than optimal pH. AFBI have further determined that if pH is corrected, farmers could achieve on average 1 additional tonne of grass dry matter per hectare.

Additionally, it has been shown that fields with a pH of 5.5 lose approximately 30% of the value of the applied fertiliser. Therefore, it is not a question of suffering financially from not using Recovery Lime, but a question of making better use of the biggest natural resource available on all farms, the soil. If you look after your soil, your soil will look after you.