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G-Lime is critical to get young plants off to the best start this autumn

Posted on 29 September 2017

Healthy and fertile soil is critical to getting a young seed off to the best start. As the seed grows into seedlings and young plants, access to all of the soils nutrients is required to grow. Ensuring healthy and fertile soil to encourage robust root systems is key, so as the plant awakens from dormancy come spring, it is able to begin vegetative and then reproductive growth without being held back by a lack of nutrients.

G-Lime granulated lime is ideal to raise and maintain soil pH in the autumn to ensure your crops get off to the best start. 97.9% reactive in 4-6 weeks, G-Lime begins to work immediately to raise soil pH. Available in various packaging sizes, G-Lime is easy to store on farm and can be applied to the seedbed prior to sowing, and can also be applied on the tramlines after sowing. Because G-Lime can be sowed in exactly the same manner as conventional fertiliser and with the same equipment, there is no need to co-ordinate with a contractor and compaction risk is minimised. G-Lime is very cost effective, with as little as 300kg/ac to raise soil pH by as much as 0.5.