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Kilwaughter Minerals Ltd take pride in innovative product design, however the impact on the environment is also important. Environmental considerations are an integral part of their business practice. Therefore in developing the Kilwaughter Lime range, care has been taken to ensure that from the earliest stages of product design through to manufacturing, modern technologies have been utilised to help reduce their impact on the environment. Read our Environmental Policy.

Environment Awards

Kilwaughter Minerals Ltd’s Environment Management System is certified to ISO 14001 standard.

Kilwaughter Minerals Ltd have been awarded top place in the Mining and Quarrying sector in Northern Ireland’s only independent environmental business standards. This prestigious accolade now places them amongst some of the most environmentally responsible companies in Northern Ireland. Following on from last year’s success, the company has achieved Quintile One status by improving their carbon footprint through a major drive to reduce waste, power and energy usage. Managing Director Mr. Simon McDowell said “We are delighted to achieve Quintile One status in this independent survey, which is testament to the diligence and determination of our employees”.