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Many of our Corporate Social Responsibility activities are achieved through partnerships. We have developed several initiatives in partnership with public-private organisations to help others develop the skills needed to succeed. We are committed to trying to improve the social, educational and cultural needs of the communities in which we operate.

Queen’s University, Belfast

Queen’s University’s Pathway Opportunity Programme offers guidance and support to encourage progression to University. “As a business we understand the importance of providing people with opportunities to maximise their personal potential. We continue to see changing requirements in the workplace and the support of the Pathway Opportunity Programme to help young people to adapt. This new bursary scheme will help to transform lives and open up personal development opportunities for the participants.”


Local Economic Development Company, LEDCOM is a social enterprise committed to making a difference in Larne through economic and community development. Kilwaughter are delighted to support LEDCOM through a 5 year strategic partnership and offer support and advice to local people trying to start and develop a business and their business ideas. We host some of these events at Kilwaughter, involving many areas of the team to communicate our experiences in business process, development and innovation.

Acceptable Enterprises (Larne) Ltd

We work closely with Acceptable Enterprises (Larne) Ltd who are Northern Irelands first Social Firm offering:

- Support to disadvantaged people to access a wide range of inclusive, community-based, educational, vocational and social opportunities.

- Provide disadvantaged people with the support to access further education, training and employment opportunities.

- Enable disadvantaged people to enhance their lifestyle and to operate more effectively in education, work and in the community.

Through the partnership, Kilwaughter outsource a section of their manufacturing to AEL. We provide training to staff and together, review the process to identify innovative improvements in efficiency and quality. We’re delighted and proud that our partnership has continued to grow, based on the professional and reliable approach from AEL, allowing another 2 people to be offered part-time employment in 2018 and cementing our commitment to AEL and the local community.

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