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80mm Oatmeal Granite Setts

80mm Oatmeal Granite Setts - 200x100cm

Oatmeal Granite is a beautiful, hardwearing stone. At home in both traditional and modern settings, the characteristics of granite are synonymous with durability and beauty. Ideal for edging patios and footpaths. It is widely used in commercial and domestic projects around the country. The oatmeal colour will blend with other earthy colours to give a natural look.

Granite Setts of 50mm depth and above are suitable for use on domestic driveways, however, they must be laid onto an appropriate base.

80mm Oatmeal Granite Setts are also available in 100x100cm.

The 200x100cm set has an area of: 0.02m² and is sold 40 pieces per m².

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