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Grey Indian Sandstone

Grey Indian Sandstone (Handcut) - 60x90cm

Grey Sandstone is a beautiful paving that creates a contemporary look with varying shades of light and dark grey, complementing each other elegantly.

Due to the individual characteristics of hand quarried natural stone, each piece has its own unique look and may vary in colour, texture and thickness from other pieces of the same type of stone.

Grey Sandstone is available in four sizes: 60x90cm, 60x60cm, 60x30cm, 30x30cm and is available in Hand Cut only.

The 60x90cm slab has an area of: 0.54m².

The photographs featured on this website should only be used as a guide. The materials shown are derived from naturally sourced minerals and variations in colour may occur. Photographs on this website show stone when wet, colours may vary when dried out.

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