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Rare breed returns!

Posted on 08 January 2016

As UTV’s popular evergreen farming show, Rare Breed returns to our screens on Monday at 8pm, we thought we would remind you of the benefits of using MasterCAL in your livestock stalls.

MasterCal is a unique premium product specifically designed for use as bedding material in livestock stalls. It is formulated to give high level of bacteria control whilst minimizing the risk of inflammation or burns that may be a problem with other treatments. It has many benefits including:

  • Ready made blend
  • Reduces disease & infection
  • Reduces the risk of burns to livestock
  • Aids in the reduction of lameness in housed livestock
  • Can help prevent environmental mastitis
  • Highly absorbent
  • Raises the pH of effulent/slurry
  • No risk of hydrogen sulphide
  • Saves material
  • Labour saving

John Blair, a farmer from Co. Antrim comments that “I use MasterCal as I find it to be a good product that killed bacteria & was efficient to use.”

Click the link to watch our MasterCAL testimonial video from Agricultural Merchants Taggart Jack.